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        Adam Wilson

          I’ll kick things off. Taking the goal of cumming off the table has shifted my body chemistry. I tend to be a little agitated internally when I want sex and can’t make it happen. Of course this is a self-sabotage to actually being able to cum.

          What has changed? The stigma of masturbating has been removed. It seems right to masturbate and not cum. It’s pleasure with no shame. I have a more balanced, “take it or leave it” approach to sex. This has stymied my agitation.


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          David C

            Chiming in to provide feedback about what I did this week.

            I'm living in lockdown Los Angeles without an adventurous female play partner. Moreover, I live with my family and we all share one bathroom. I'm having trouble finding the privacy necessary to do the solo exercises more than once or twice a week.

            I did the solo exercise today, and after about 35 minutes I learned that I should go slower still. I used the grip suggested in the training. While engaging in the exercise, I mentally categorized a few very sensual experiences from my past. I assigned numbers (1-5) to the intensity and replayed them in my mind.

            After each number, I visualized a microcosm orbit of sexual energy that progressively became more intense with each number. It was as if each experience was a step function in sexual energy. In fact, the energy kept increasing even when I circled around a second time through the experiences. During my second trip through, my solo exercise ended prematurely after about 35 minutes.

            My release was way more intense than normal. I still stayed hard after the end for a longer period than usual. I also feel a lot more balanced.

            My question for the group would be, how long should you engage in the solo exercise? What time frame generally works for you? I know that I can go longer than 35 minutes if I slow down.

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            Eric Paulson

              At the beginning of this course, I started meditating daily on "my primal masculine" self. As the days have gone on, that has evolved somewhat as I mentally took it out for a stroll in different situations.  It has been threatened by bad guys, dealt with bad internal attitudes and beliefs, and now, it's merging with my sexual energy.

              Physically, it started with a glow, buzzing in my hara or tan tien. Then another glowing, buzzing showed up in my perineum and/or the base of my spine (coccyx).  The other day, I got another spot just above my belly button.  If I had to guess, my chakras are opening up from these meditations.

              Interestingly, yesterday at the dog park, there were some very attractive women giving me big smiles.

              I'm doing the Microcosmic Orbit for a few minutes a couple of times a day, and working on the first part of this week's homework.  That is, slowing down and appreciating the beauty of the world.  It's a lovely, quiet feeling and I can get into it quite quickly.

              Now that our commie governor has reopened bars and restaurants, I plan to do part 2, dress up and hang with the cool kids.

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                Eric Paulson

                  Update on the on-going meditation and Microcosmic Orbit:

                  Had a minor glow in my third eye spot but it disappeared after a minute or so, sadly.  The Orbit seems to be getting easier to feel, but I don't get a lot of energy out of it.  The solo play sometimes gives me a nice energetic rush up my spine, and sometimes doesn't.

                  Had two big changes at the dog park today:

                  The first one was that I learned some great conversational techniques from Mark's Speed Seduction seminar from Wash. D.C. of 2000 and Bishop's Journal.  I implemented them with one girl in particular and we had a great conversation.  Although she had a boyfriend, she really enjoyed our talk.

                  The second comes as a result of pondering the question, "How can I dramatically increase my sexual energy?" While walking at the dog park this morning, I suddenly realized that I have held muscular tension very low in my belly, just below my hara. After letting go of that tension, I felt much more sexual, powerful, and masculine.  I was also walking more sexually and relaxed.

                  After making that subtle shift, I had a very brief, super fun conversation with a smoking-hot young brunette walking with her mom.  When we went our separate ways, she literally looked back at me 3 times!  We saw each other again a bit later on and I made another fun comment.  This time, she looked back at me twice!

                  Later on, I went to Hooters for dinner and had both of my waitresses playing with their hair, laughing and giggling.

                  Sorry that I don't have more exciting details to share, but I'm getting used to having super responsive girls around me. My goal is to have 2 or 3 hot, young girls as FWB's in the near future.  FYI, I'm 60, in good shape, and considered handsome. These girls are early-to-mid 20's at best. I don't say that to make you jealous, but rather to give you hope if you're in the same boat as me.  Just keep going.  As Mark said, this is a marathon, not a sprint.


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                Mark Cunningham

                  You're off to a good start guys!  Now keep it up -- literally.

                  David, you are experiencing what I had intended for you (all).  The strength of your inadvertent orgasm is directly related to your edging practice.  Try not edging quite so close to orgasm until you get more experience and confidence with the method.  I am going to do your visualization exercise myself -- nicely done!

                  Eric?  Keep going.  And yes, your body is re-awakening.  People will be attracted to you, and rightly so.  Now pass emotions to them through touch -- it's an advanced exercise.

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                    When doing the microcosmic orbit during a sexual or arousing interaction, can you loop it through the other person? Is there a particular technique for doing this?

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                    Mark Cunningham

                      HeroHypno — yes, that was covered in class.  Remember my urging you to master solo work before jumping into multiple-person energy work.  How is that coming along?

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                        Ok, on the whole microcosmic orbit thing...

                        Based on rewatching the Week 3 presentation, my understanding of the process is something like this:

                        1) Raise sexual energy using prescribed techniques
                        2) Circulate that energy up and around using microcosmic orbit
                        3) ???????
                        4) Profit!

                        The presentation basically said that circulating the high sexual energy using the microcosmic orbit would Make Things Happen. Now, I've done a bit of qigong and some tantra work before, so I'm familiar with the concept of meridians and chi and chakras and such. That said, that's not how I've experienced things or not how I conceive of the world. I understand the idea of circulating energy as a visualization or concept, but where things are breaking down for me is that it's just a visualization exercise.

                        I used to be interested in occult / esoteric / pagan / magick stuff, and one of the things I've learned over the years (not having ever practiced deeply) is that the various symbols / chants / etc are there to help focus the will in a specific direction to achieve a  specific aim. I see things like chakras / chi / meridians / etc in a similar way - as symbols or models to help direct your will and create change in a specific way. Thing is that I don't really buy into or accept those models as "true", and the symbols or concepts don't really resonate with me. Thus, it's difficult for me to grasp what I should be doing with this visualization of circulating energy, what effects I should be directing things towards or what I should be experiencing.

                        Now, if this is one of those "just do the thing as described and All Will Become Clear With Time", then so be it. If there's another way that would be helpful to approach the exercise, or another way to frame it / different set of symbols or model to use, then that would be appreciated.

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                          Spencer Bair

                            Hey Ryan,

                            First let me say I completely see where you're coming from.  The great thing is that being hypnotists we don't really have to believe in those energetic models.   We can simply act as if we did and see what happens!

                            Let me tell you what's working for me right now.

                            At first I was right there with you.  I didn't really buy into moving energy.  And when I did the orbit I "knew" more than I "felt" that energy could orbit around as described.  That felt cheap and not quite right so I tried a different tactic.  Back it up to sexual energy, sexual feelings, arousal.

                            Think back for a minute to the last time you felt sexual arousal.  Or hell go experiment and try this out.  For me before I started edging and circulating energy, I would feel the arousal in my crotch.  Dick balls, hard to say but definitely in that area.  Makes sense because that's where the magic happens right?!  In that previous model the stimulation increases until the feeling becomes overwhelming and the orgasmic threshold is crossed.  You know how this goes, been there done that.  But the important part that I recognized was that the feelings stayed in that area.

                            I started by substituting the word energy for arousal in my practice with the orbit.  Because I can clearly feel arousal, and it is clearly going to explode from one specific spot if I just let it build and continue.

                            With closed eyes, a firm "milking grip" and head full of fantasy I began.  Build up the arousal, build up the sensation, use whatever word works best for you just build the damn thing up without crossing over into orgasm.  Pay attention to where in your body you feel IT.  How do you normally feel during a typical arousal/release cycle?  Where do you feel it in your body, does the sensation move or perhaps you were like me and it only existed near the dangly bits.  The milking grip helped me with this exercise because it wasn't how I normally stimulate myself, so the sensations where novel enough to not engage the normal "pump and dump" masturbation cycle.

                            I visualize that on the "downward stroke" as I'm moving my hand close to my body I'm building up arousal like a bellows pumping hot air into a furnace.  I would feel my arousal building up near the perineum, as it normally did, then I would start the movement.  On inhalation I would imagine feeling that arousal/energy moving up my spine.  I cheated of course by giving my pc muscles a little squeeze at the start of the inhalation.  Because this is a physical muscle movement I can feel it real enough near the perineum which is the start of the path.  The pc squeeze along with inhalation of breath started the movement.  The continued stimulation with my hand pumped more and more of that hot arousal energy onto the reservoir where the orbit begins.

                            Interestingly enough I found that the closer to the edge I was the easier it was for me to actually "feel" the energy moving.  I tried this standing up, laying down, sitting down.  In the shower because I thought the water running down the front of my body might help to better feel the energy along the same path.  Running water did Not work for me, too much stimulation from the water it drowned out the energy, but maybe it will work for you.  I even put fingers along the front and back of the orbit and imagined the path the arousal would take.  I would imaging it traveling up my spine and reaching the spot on my back where my finger was resting.  Up the spine to the top of the head, pooling there when I pause between breaths then back down the front of my body where my other finger resting on my chest would catch the arousal on that part of the loop.

                            I guess for me what worked was experimenting.  Standing, sitting, naked, in the tub, no arousal, almost peak arousal.  Try to utilize other things like a pc squeeze to feel where the orbit starts, maybe touching or tracing the path with your hands will bring your minds attention to where it will be flowing.

                            As for the benefits well I've only been doing this as long as the rest of the class.  However my first real sexual encounter after starting this ended as expected in no ejaculatory orgasm.  However when I left her to clean up and was getting dressed, I felt two spontaneous rushes of energy start up the path and fizzle out midway up my spine.  This was like five minutes after the cuddling stopped and you start looking around the room for your clothes because you hastily cast them aside.  I was so excited, almost elated to feel this happen.  Like a little teaser of what's possible if I continue cultivating that energy daily and use the orbit to spread it around my body and mind.  My next sexual encounter was a week after that and during intercourse I had two spontaneous body shaking "episodes" where I just sort of twitched or spasmed with ecstasy.  They just came out of no where seemingly, no giant build up brought them on or anything like I'm used to with "normal" orgasms.  It was a personal earthquake that threw off my thrusting rhythm and made me laugh, almost giggle, both times!  Tapping into that kundalini energy!

                            I'm a believer now man, and I am about as far as it gets from a new age, touchy feely, granola munching hippie as it gets lol.

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                            Mike McLeod

                              I will apply your advice as I need to move forward on this. Have only had minor improvement thus far.

                              Wifey is liking it but wondering what has gotten into me.

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                              I have another version of microscopic orbit that would be helpful to those that get blue balls or if you are close to ejaculation. When you are in pain from blue balls or close to ejaculation, clench your pc muscle (the muscle that can stop urination) then imagine that energy going up your spine around the top of your head and when that gets to your mouth, put your tongue to the top of your mouth. Then let the energy keep going down your body until it gets to your naval, then imagine storing it there. The release your pc muscle. If you still have pain or can't stop ejacultiondo it again. You shouldn't have to do it more than twice but you can do it as often as you want.

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                              Eric Paulson

                                A couple of questions have come up for me during this homework:

                                During solo play, there are times I get a big energy rush up my spine and times I don't.  For those of you who get one consistently, do you get it when you clench your PC muscles or is it unrelated to that?

                                Doing the Microcosmic Orbit without solo play, although I can imagine that the energy is going up and down my body and I can pretend that the energy level is going up, the reality is that I don't feel that energy going up.  It feels the same regardless of how many times I cycle the orbit.  Anyone have some experience getting past a plateau like this?

                                During my "primal masculine self" meditations, I actually feel my energy increasing and flowing into parts of my body.  Wondering about increasing that energy and where to "store it" so I can feel it throughout the day.  I know this is vague, but I'm hoping someone can give me feedback on this.


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                                  Ok, a little late to the feedback but here it is. This one was more difficult than I expected, especially given that it should be fun from the outset but I noticed in the edging practice that a lot of bodily tensions were coming up that made it distracting and challenging to sustain a relaxed and playful state. Specifically my legs were prone to tensing up and getting restless which led to a lot of one step forward, one back dynamic, as I went from relaxed and enjoying sensations to trying to "get" somewhere or move away mentally from the moment to moment sensation. This really bugged me because it felt like a lot of the undercurrent of daily frustrations were all coming to the foreground during this exercise and made it a challenge to break out of that - especially once it seemed like my mind wanted to fixate on it and "solve it." When things were flowing smoothly I felt great, relaxed and energetic, and the clarity at those moments seemed to be that I didn't need to justify feeling good. When I was out of that state it became frustrating because I couldn't "figure out" what I needed to do to let go. Since I that's still the pattern that's coming up I figure I just need to spend more time on it until something shifts.

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                                  Ray P

                                    I had an idea of raising sexual energy with my partner.

                                    I decided to teach her the microcosmic orbit breathing technique then engaged in foreplay.

                                    She didn't have much comfort with me or the technique and reverted back to how we normally play which is sex ending in ejaculatory orgasm for me, and her using vibrator afterwards to orgasm.  Note I've hypnotized her in the past, however she wasn't following my instruction and wanted to control the trance session leading to a less then desirable outcome, thus have a pattern of her being skeptical of me trying out new sexual techniques in the bedroom with her.

                                    My question is should I simply forgo explaining sexual techniques to my GF, and just work on mastering solo energy play first then get her to participate at a later date?





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                                    Eric Paulson

                                      Ended up combining my morning microcosmic orbit practice with some meditation and visualization exercises.  I kept asking questions like, "How can I double my masculine, sexual energy" and "What can I let go of to radically increase my energy flow?"

                                      Happily, my subconscious provided me with a few parts of myself, you could call them, "subpersonalities" or "blocks" that had weird feelings and statements attached to them.  One was saying, "Ooooh, ooh, ooh!" continuously.  I let these parts go using the NLP visual squash technique.

                                      Immediately noticed a big difference in the glow I felt in my body.  And suddenly, I could see and feel a rod of energy that starts at my perineum and projects forward out my cock.  You could call it an energetic hard-on.

                                      And now, I feel very grounded and solid, as well as glowy.

                                      Most interesting microcosmic orbit practice yet.

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                                      Mike McLeod

                                        I am slowly getting the hang of this lesson. I am gone basically five days a week so wifey only gets to participate occasionally. Still, between my practice on the road, and taking her and making her understand slow and easy on the weekends things are moving in the right direction. And of course, I am loving being totally in charge and directing all the encounters.

                                        It was through David Shade that I learned about Mark and now I combine the lessons learned and lead with masculine authority. It is tough when two dominants combine but I am exerting my influence over her and she is learning to submit as a feminine woman should.

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                                        Mike McLeod

                                          I continue to work on my mindset as well as physically trying to make the microcosmic orbit more intense.

                                          Limited success but still moving in the right direction. Solo practice is fine but would enjoy being home more often to put it into practice.

                                          Lesson 8 added a lot more perspective and I am applying all the lessons learned.

                                          Like how my life is changing for the better.



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