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        Mark Cunningham

          So, no one is interested in Play?  I’m interested in Play, said the man working this morning on a balcony overlooking sun-dappled blue ocean, palm trees and a bikini beach.  There’s no one stopping me, or you.

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            I've got a couple bits of play scheduled for tomorrow,  a nice weekend get together with members of my Pack, more play on Sunday evening on the way back, more play Tuesday and Wednesday... Plus interviewing more candidates for suitability.

            It's a hard knock life 🙂

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            Eric Paulson

              Not sure this qualifies as play by the book, but this is my Play right now:

              I take my two Australian Shepherds (girl, ~9 y/o, boy, 13 mo's.) to the dog park daily for a number of reasons:

              1. 2+ miles of walking to clear my mind and relieve stress.
              2. Playing fetch with my pups
              3. Playing and interacting with a lot of people, some that I see daily.
              4. Practice and improve my dog training skills on random dogs at the park.
              5. It's good fun in a gorgeous setting. (Bear Creek Dog Park in Colorado Springs)
              6. There are a number of very hot girls there for me to practice my conversation, pickup, and hypnosis skill.
              7. I've also been considering guys I meet there for Pack potential. Haven't met anyone that I'm inspired by yet, and I talk with a LOT of people.  People accuse me of knowing everyone there.

              In the past, I've all kinds of things for play: dance lessons, free bar poker, darts and pool and so on, but this is what I really enjoy doing right now.

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                Dog play is awesome because dogs never forget how to be in the moment and have fun.

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                I play every day with my little one (1,5y) for several hours.

                The only skill I am learning there  conciously is patience 😀

                But seriously, he is moving arround all the time, doing whatever comes to his fresh mind. It's usually with little to none hesitation and at full throttle. This means, I am moving arround a lot as well and practise a lot of situational awareness, reflexes as well as being in the moment with him and seeing the world differently than usual adult mindframe.

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                  My Play Time thus far has been split between three main activities: painting, wandering walks, and hanging out with female friends. I like all of these a lot but most frequent one has been taking wandering walks in the morning with a coffee and no plan on where to arrive. That's been great because it's the one activity where I most easily get into a head-space of "there is no goal" and I can just enjoy the things I encounter like seeing birds and squirrels playing, or meeting people on the street and talking, or just letting my mind wander and noting any ideas that come up that sound fun and get my attention. Painting and hanging out with girls are even more fun but they both have a "start-up" energy investment that keeps me from doing them as often. I've realized from this assignment how many easy opportunities for play there are that I pass up regularly for reasons like "I need to be worrying or focusing on XYZ instead.." or "have I done anything to deserve feeling good right now." It seems silly writing it down but that's definitely an undertow that's kept me from doing more of it.

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                    Eric Paulson

                      Hey Mark,

                      I can totally relate to passing up fun time by being to preoccupied with whatever I have going on in my head.  I love your idea of wandering with no destination as a way to be in the world more often and take advantage of the fun opportunities that are everywhere.

                      Maybe we just need to act more spontaneously more often?  Say, "yes!" instead of "no."  Reminds me of Jim Carrey's movie, "Yes Man."

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                    Mike McLeod


                      My playtime is a bit different than the others. My son returned home with a Golden Retriever puppy a couple of months ago to celebrate his birthday. Since the middle of November, he has been hanging around our house so the dog (Miles) has a yard to play in as he lives in a 700 sq ft apartment outside of NYC.

                      In preparation for the dog's arrival, I purchase Don't Shoot the Dog!: The New Art of Teaching and Training as Mark had recommended years ago plus a Cesare Millan book on dog training. I have had a blast trying to get a rambunctious puppy to behave.
                      But my true joy comes from taking the dog out early in the morning. The sun is barely up, the frost is on the ground, it is eerily quiet out and I get to practice the three points of attention. Some mornings I see the deer coming out of the woods, or the ducks starting to stir in the pond but always it is so still and quiet and yet I can hear a wind chime in the distance, a jet 30,000 feet overhead, or the neighbor's furnace kick on. Love to hear my steps crunching the frost-covered ground, the cool air I breathe in, and the joy I see in a puppy just running free and exploring nature as it was meant to be.

                      And the best part this weekend was getting Miles to retrieve a duck decoy that was thrown, he retrieved it, dropped it, and sat for his reward. That is a sheer joy seeing a puppy learning a new skill, behaving for his Master, and being happy to comply. Put a huge smile on my face as he is growing up and learning to be a dog with skills and still loving to do it for his Master.

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                        Post a picture!

                        Dogs rock!

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                        Mike McLeod

                          Have to post some pics of my playmate Miles as he grows up; in order 2 mo, 3 mo, 4 mo, 5 mo, and 5-1/2 months. They grow up fast, only wished they learned as quickly!


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                        Eric Paulson

                          Yesterday, during Module 6 class, Mark scolded us for not doing this Module 5 Homework, so here goes

                          I'd give myself a C- on my shooting project so far, primarily for lack of effort.  Although I have done some work, I haven't done as much of it as I would like.  My excuse is that I've had a major rental property rehab going on in the evenings.  That project is now mostly done, but I have to do showings to fill the apartment.  The reality is that I simply haven't taken 5-15 minutes per day while I'm working at home which I easily have available on any given day.  Also, I haven't put that much work in because I'm feeling cocky about already having about 50% of my goals in-hand, or mostly in-hand.

                          – Performance improvement plan
                          During the work day, no social media browsing until I put in at least 5 minutes of practice.  That 5 minutes always turns into more than 5 minutes.

                          – Remaining challenges
                          None that I can think of off-hand.

                          – Success Criteria, Acceptance Criteria
                          Start checking off my goal measurements to show measurable progress.

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                          Ray P

                            Status Review Modules 0-5 

                            Self-grading progress on modules so far
                            Performance improvement plan
                            Remaining challenges
                            Success Criteria, Acceptance Criteria

                            Self Grading

                            Module 0 "Overview":

                            Grade C: Initially I didn't grasp all the concepts, however upon reflection I see that that it's also an overview of areas I need improvement in.

                            1. Uncomfortable in the company of fine men, than be comfortable in the company of soy-boys.
                            2. Sexual energy is the strongest form of personal energy.
                            3. You must be sexually satisfied to become/remain sane.

                            Module 1 "Task &  Purpose":

                            Grade C:  I know my purpose "I help others optimise movement to overcome physical injuries and have a better quality of life". I'm adept at physical conditioning given my professional and personal background in the fields of physical rehabilitation, sports, personal training.  I'm committing weekly to my project "Home Chef to provide food for myself and family" to embrace responsiblity and leadership at home.  Lacking in feeding my body with trancework and proper sex (common theme that I've been programmed into ejaculatory sex fetish from watching pornography and other programmers from being involved with pick up artist community).

                            Module 2 "Gymnasia & Packs”

                            Grade C: I perform some form of physical conditioning 6 days per week, as mentioned above no issues here, challenging myself to work on advanced calisthenic movements single leg squat and one arm pushup and one arm pull up. Need to improve pack development, having been staying within my comfort zone, as a habitual introvert haven't reached out to other high quality males to develop a pack. Also need to improve on "Honesty" staying true to my word to complete PMPW homework.

                            Module 3 “Performance & Accountability”

                            Grade B: Although have been committing to project "Home Chef" haven't been working on reviewing areas of improvement within that project, such as getting more efficient at knife handling skills, or breaking down a whole chicken. Need to also schedule review time for project, currently have been doing well at attending cooking class and posting on PMPW forum weekly.

                            Module 4 "Raising Sexual Energy"

                            Grade C-: Have been doing edging for solo play, on average 3 times per week, however haven't made it a daily practice. Additionally haven't integrated it with my GF, as she has gotten annoyed at me for wanting to have more sex, although I can understand her resistance as my past sex with her has been all mediocore in the past 6 months me having an ejaculatory orgasm and she finishing herself with her vibrator. Also have not been having much social interaction with attractive people, live in NY state various restrictions on bars and other social venues, have not been creative in finding work around solutions.

                            Performance Improvement Plan

                            Schedule into calendar time for following tasks:

                            1. Search for primal male pack, considering this forum as potential avenue, and group activities such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
                            2. Daily sexual energy exercise (solo or partner play)
                            3. Review challenges encountered during my Project "home chef" , such as practicing knife skills 15 minutes
                            4. Schedule social interaction even if online: weekly social dance class

                            Remaining Challenges

                            1. How to get my GF on board with sexual energy play, and move away from ejaculatory orgasm play that I'm guilty of relying on. Thinking of incorporating play that doesn't end in ejaculation, such as shower, massage, hugs, touch. She is currently stressed out that I'm overly pushy about having sex causing her to feel guilty about declining my sexual advances and at the same time pushing her away as she doesn't want to have sex with me, currently only having sex once per week.
                            2. Primal Male Pack: staying within comfort zone, habitual introvert prefer to focus on work and what I already know, such friends I estabilished in college

                            Success/Acceptance Criteria

                            1. Able to have a non-ejactulatory orgasm consistently during solo and partner play
                            2. Biweekly or monthly able to have some kind of interaction with primal male pack
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                              Rating system


                              1 (very poorly) to 5 (super human)


                              Task & Purpose


                              • defined my purpose: Strengthening community by improving understanding of reality.
                              • already transformed my job into one where I at least can do the second part of the purpose. I am also starting a side hustle that will pay into fulfilling my purpose and stepped into some community work as no one else was willing to do so.
                              • duty, responsibilities, wants -> a lot of my time goes into duty these days, caring for my familiy, keeping us afloat, sane and healthy. The rest suffers a bit from this, including excercises from this seminar. But that is why it is called duty
                              • during the holidays, I did not work, fulfilling my purpose suffered
                              • picked up physical excercise



                              improvement plan

                              • continue what I am doing
                              • getting more support where savely possible.

                              Gymnasia & Packs


                              • pack criteria fit a couple of friends of mine as I've been picky about those for a long time already
                              • except for a couple of foolish night outs, failed to bring all together for pack activities. preffered to do that with one or two friends at a time
                              • picked up physical excercise and sticked to it unless I was ill or injured, which had happened
                              • I am constantl learning new things, out of curiosity and habit. Physical skills however are underrepresented in this category
                              • learning projects tend to stretch out very long, due to overstuffing myself on the responsibilities side



                              improvement plan

                              • once covid situation cooled off, gather the packworthy friends for a weekend adventure
                              • picking up drawing again, it relaxes me, engages fine motor skills yaddayaddayadda
                              • adjust excercise regime to assure constant progress while minimising risk of injury

                              Performance & Accountability


                              • I use the forums sporadically
                              • I have a "realworld" accountability buddy for my project
                              • Given my current situation I intentionally did not commit on each and every homework assignment.
                                • I know, that I will "fall behind" in some aspects, but I also recognise that many of the things told, are already part of my life.
                                • I do not stress out about changing everything at once but trust myself picking things up one after another.
                                • I know from experience, that I follow through on long term change projects reliably
                                • I prioritise my duty as carer and protector of my family as most important and will not compromise on it
                              • As situations arose, I had to renegotiate more commitments than I feel comfortable with already, but again, I prioritise my duty as father and husband as most important. Only when they're save and taken care of, comes the rest.



                              improvement plan

                              • continue and systematically work towards me having more time again for other things while my family is still healthy and save

                              Raising Sexual Energy


                              • did some solo excercise, not daily though
                              • did some partner excercise, not daily though
                              • spilled the seed on about half of the time when solo and every time with wife
                              • hardly find extended down time and privacy to do both
                              • sister in law moved in for a couple of weeks to help with childcare, even less opportunities for extended sex sessions with my wife
                              • not satisfied with it, but I take the hit for now. Needs to be improved once living situation allows for more intimacy again
                              • practise microcosmic orbit and circulating sexual energy every day, but w/o the physical stimulus most of the time
                              • consumed some porn



                              improvement plan

                              • quit porn, as there is no privacy to watch it anyway currently
                              • improve overall situation to allow again for more frequent, relaxed and longer sex sessions



                              • neglected play for a long time now, especially physical play
                              • now recognised that I even approached play opportunities with a work mindset.
                              • changing mindset in situations and reconquering playfulness currently



                              improvement plan

                              • conciously recognising child care as opportunity for play
                              • picking up drawing again
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                              I had the time of my life!!!

                              (Music with text)

                              Fell in love, broke up, went wild, locked myself in a mental hospital (non related to the course, I'm a genius apparently), met new people, had some more fun, planned my return home, realized the world can't hold me back, etc etc...

                              FUCK YEAH!!!

                              This course is a wild rollercoaster till now.


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