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      After spending the evening with my father, I confirmed for myself that I would kill to make sure my family does not come in harms way.  Far from perfect, if it wasn't for my family, I'd be dead, and I won't go into my story.  I would die to ensure a child does not come in harm's way.  Children inspire within me a feeling, like a swelling in my heart, and it allows me the freedom to express this feeling, just as they do.  Without children, what is there?  I have not been married and I don't have children of my own, but to cause harm to an innocent is unforgivable.

      Modern Masculinity.  I gave thought to this and much of my life has been dedicated to work.  All the moves I've made, and the changes in my life, I've always worked.  Currently, I work in sales, and over the past five years I have found myself growing in a hardened, yet congruent, manner.  I take alot of pride in knowing that I don't have to be like the men I work with:  dishonest, arrogant, pushy, greedy, inconsiderate, lazy.  I make a fine living building relationships in my business with honesty, trust, loyalty, and a little persuasion.

      I also find masculinity in my attitude towards my neighbors.  I live in a condo complex, and there are quite a few elderly.  Every time it snows, I'll take the morning and help shovel the parking area.  I pay respect to the people who live here until they give me a reason not to.

      More to come.


      Matthew A.


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        Very proud of your statement that you take the responsibility to protect your family.

        I have a younger son who moved back in after college while working on his Masters and we had an agreement that if an intruder broke into the house, because of the orientation of the bedrooms, we would have them in a crossfire situation but I would take the lead. We worked to make sure that mom was safe and we would prevail.

        He has since moved out but that mindset is still there. You protect your loved ones at all costs.

        I am armed and dangerous and as they say, don't fuck with old guys because we will kill you. Rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. And I take my responsibility seriously.

        When Mark spoke of being a man and taking charge by grabbing a knife and confronting evil I realized that I would have done the same. I hate soy boys (my eldest) but I won't put up with it. Rather would die knowing I did the right thing than living with the guilt of not acting when I could have.

        Ironically, I have found that when I conceal carry (not often) that I am much calmer as I know that I can end a confrontation if need be, but I also know I don't have to as I exude self-confidence and masculinity that is picked up by all around me.


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      Thank you for the response.  You know I'm a pretty small guy, 5'9, about 160.  But, I've gotten to the point in my thinking where it doesn't even matter.  I've gone through about three or four weeks of Matt Furey's combat condition, along with some exercises from Gold Medal Body, and I am astounded about how good I feel, how easily I can move, and how strong I've become, and it requires so little.


      Mark talked about his attitude towards rape, and it rang a bell in me.  At the risk of telling my story, I've been witness to some ugly experiences over the years, and at first, anger was my response, but I tend to think that anger made me weaker, and it becomes more practical, more result driven, to simply put a stop to it, and even nip it in the bud if you can.


      Getting back to family, I won't tell my story, but I will tell you about an experience my father had, that I thought about alot this morning.  When my sister was a teenager, he was driving her home, and was snow and ice on the road.  The car coming the other away was swerving towards his his car, and he reacted by turning in so that he would take the brunt of the blow instead of my sister.  My father has never been of the repute that women are attracted to, but to me, putting your life on the line for your children is a shining example of a MAN.

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      I am not willing to die for my life goal, because it would be a great loss for humanity if it was not being developed (or blossomed).

      It's that dream I had about opening a portal when I was about 3 years old.

      Story coming up (consider me crazy when you do not believe in all my crazy thoughts :p ) :

      When I was at home, my mother put on my jacket for me. She said: "Daan, your arm is too short, it can't go through this sleeve." So my immediate response was to guide my energy to fit grow into the sleeve. She was surprised and asked "Huh?! How did you do that???" So I helped her guide my energy better with that of mine but she got angry and I gave up on helping. I asked two small beings what the heck I'm doing on this planet??? They said it was to guide energies. The showed a super fit version of me through a portal because I've chosen that day to do it consciously. They said I had to become strong like that first before guiding in the way I did with my mom.

      Why I've said that it would be a great loss for me to suddenly die is because of that day. That portal, I've discovered, is very much possible. With the coming of mars exploration and the need for people to connect now more than ever, the portal would be a great solution. But I guard this with my life. I have made up my mind that Mark and Craig may dig what is hidden in my master locks of thought.

      It's weird how all these things are coming together at a faster pace now more than ever. This must not be a coincidence anymore. 😀

      Hope this answers the questions for module 7.

      I get in trance real quick with these recordings to the point were it makes sense even in my conscious mind.

      Looking forward to tomorrow!!!

      Kind regards,

      Daan De Graeve

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        Eric Paulson

        Hey Daan,

        Are you sure you meant to say you're <span style="text-decoration: underline;">not</span> willing to die for your life goal?

        As you describe it with great passion, I would think you'd at least be willing to fight to the death to make it happen.


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      Eric Paulson

      Have been pondering what I'm willing to fight and die for. In the past, I've preferred to leave the situation where assholes are being themselves, or talk my way out.  Thankfully, I haven't had to fight for my life.  However...

      I'm surely willing to fight against criminals and predators who attack me and my loved ones.  I'm studying Target Focus Training for that exact situation.  I'm also improving my shooting skills for that same reason.

      If I'm willing to fight under those circumstance, I suppose I'm willing to die, since it could happen that way.

      Regarding strangers like Mark's situation in the cafe', I'm pretty sure I'm willing to protect unlucky victims of the same criminal violence.  Of course, it's hard to know until the situation arises, but I've often done protective things for strangers in the past, including offering medical assistance and succor.  Offering to help is pretty much second nature.

      Regarding loftier things like defending the Constitution against the Communist Regime, I don't have really strong feelings about that.  It depends on the situation, from my pondering.  If the Sheriff knocks on my door to take away my Rights? If the SWAT team fires a flash-bang into my house? If the governor orders me to wear a mask, or give up my gun, or?  This is a super deep topic that requires more soul-searching.





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        Eric Paulson

        Update on What aspects of Modern Masculinity apply to my life:

        A few years ago, I realized that I was way too nice, as Dr. Robert Glover defines it in <span style="text-decoration: underline;">No More Mr. Nice Guy</span>. Have spent a lot of time and effort learning what it means to be masculine, to be a man.  At this point, I'd say that about the only things that make sense to me in the modern, emasculated man realm is to not be domineering.  To be aware of the impact I'm having on people and moderating my naturally strong personality at times.  I'm sure there are others, but I'm more focused on getting out of that trap.

        What I'm willing to live for

        My working purpose statement is making myself the best man I can be so I can help others become their best selves.  I've been living that for a quite a long time now, so that's what I'm willing to live for. As they say in Aikido, "keep polishing the mirror."

        Where in my life these lessons apply

        Continue improving my martial skills to better protect myself and others.  Continue my meditations and letting go of beliefs, etc. that don't serve me.  Practice hypnosis as much as possible so I can Hypnotize everyone in my life so they'll feel great.  Just the other day, put an ad on Craigslist and started a MeetUp for just that purpose.  As Mark says, "Become comfortable with power and influence."

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      Hey Eric,

      Thank you for replying. "Willing to die" for me means something like that Chinese general I've red somewhere. The story goes that the general placed his outnumbered troops against the back of the river and they had won the battle, because there is no way back. It is a kind of attitude so you can fight what you stand for. Fighting doesn't always mean killing. Like Bill Gates has showed the world or Thomas Edison. They fought every day to bring the world happiness. If you have an impossible dream, you may live your life to the fullest of that. I'm really curious and would love to see it come true!

      (I know you understand but I have more. I feel like typing :p )

      I really like the United States of America. I'm from Belgium but grew up watching the A-team. The way they fought to save people always inspired me. THE AMERICAN DREAM! It's very much alive in me. And since I like to be naughty I'm still gonna post a funny song with text. hehehehehe

      (It fits this course very well. I can laugh with it, not against 😉


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      Oh man, what a bummer. I had made you the most inspirational text Eric. The site had to refresh.

      Long story short. LOVE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE NO MATTER WHAT!!!!

      I'll send you some video's in a 2-4 weeks about me growing up to be awesome legendary. :p


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      Ray P

      Homework Response:

      What attributes of “Modern” Masculinity apply to your life?


      I take daily discipline to perform my workout routines and follow a sound diet
      Train Gracie JiuJitsu, focus on street self defense mindset

      State control; so I have control of what emotional state I’m in and deal with stressful situations appropriately

      Show up to work no excuses, and excel at my job even if it’s not my “dream job” or dealing with difficult clients

      I help other people both professionally and in my personal life; take care of my friends and family; respectful of others despite different political or cultural beliefs

      What are you willing to fight for, what are you willing to die for?

      Willing to fight to defend myself from those who may cause me harm or trying to take me off my path / purpose
      Willing to die for my friends and family, and for those who cannot protect themselves; prior military and at one point considered a career in law enforcement
      What are you willing to live for?

      Willing to live to achieve mastery in my life in various domains as not only will it improve my life and it will improve the life of others around me
      I work in the health and rehabilitation field and it brings me immense pleasure knowing that I’m having a meaningful impact on improving the lives of the people I work with; Sometimes envision myself as the tribe’s medicine man

      Where in your life do these lessons apply?

      These lessons apply to my daily life in that I seek to embody primal masculinity in all things, to live a meaningful life.
      I’m reminded of the Marine Corps values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment, to be a useful guide in applying these lessons to my health, wealth, and relationships.

      Begin writing the appropriate self-inductions 

      Using elman induction, and/or 10-1 self hypnosis method taught in one of Mark’s past courses, to incorporate different primal masculine archetypes



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