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      I must take my time with this. I'm still in the hospital for research and would love to do this outside a professional institution. It is really fun to know the possibilities. Motivates me really hard.

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      Eric Paulson

      Don't have a current play partner, but my past play partners have done a lot of hypnotic orgasms, me being the leader in power exchange, and very long sessions of pleasing them over and over.  I love everything about leading them through pleasure and hearing their voices softened and loving.

      I've been focusing on the Energy Work portion of this lesson:

      Mostly working with Microcosmic Orbit + State Control => Passing Energy in meditation.  I've been doing the MCO and then switching between emotions to see how it feels.  As I said in the chat during class, this is the closest thing I've heard to a good description of how I do energy healing with people.  But I never did the MCO during those healings.

      Microcosmic Orbit to spread Pleasure and obviate ejaculation.  I've been struggling with feeling a really strong energetic orgasm with ejaculation.  I can feel good things, but not super strong.  Today, I asked myself how it would feel to have a super-strong energetic orgasm, and got a nice feeling.  I will work with this more during meditation.

      Started contemplating a mechanism for how to find the girls who want me.  Mark's technique of the TV seems a little artificial to me.  I've been attracted to the idea of feeling a connection in my hara. I also like Mark's technique of seeing a clear bubble of air around them.  I will spend some time meditating on what mechanism suits me the best.


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      Eric Paulson

      One of the assignments for this module was to do a Deep Trance Identification of when I was completely switched on with my Ideal Self and Future Self.

      I was completely switched on about 20 years ago when my team and I worked about 65 hours in a 3-day stretch.  I said a prayer and a couple of hours later, I was completely glowing, buzzing, awake and alive.  It lasted through the entire effort plus the 4 hour flight home.

      My DTI started at the worksite, and I added in some "ideal self" characteristics of being hypnotic with solid state control, and having a killer sense of humor.  I saw a bunch of great friends, women, and acquaintances around me, laughing and having fun, doing great things, going to parties, enjoying life to the fullest.  Women approaching me, and wanting to be with me.

      The second phase of the DTI was the same switched on me with my "future self."  The major difference was the much more subdued feeling without the fun, laughing, and people around me.

      The outcome of that exercise is that my next steps are to keep hypnotizing as many people as I can, and to radically improve my sense of humor by studying great humor including in this book I have just started working on.

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      Eric Paulson

      Another exercise from this module was to work on the Microcosmic Orbit along with State Control.

      I have been doing the MCO daily and started adding in some emotions with it. Mostly basic emotions including happy, somber, and so on.  Mostly just playing with it and seeing what happened.

      Now that I have a clear understanding that state control is about emotional state, I will expand this exercise into creating some state sequences that would be fun or useful in particular circumstance, and going into trance about those sequences.  For example, in a hypnosis session, Hypnotic, relaxed, curious, open, healing, and consolidating.  In a conversation with a girl, it might be intriguing, comfortable, attractive, and sexy.


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