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      Eric Paulson

      Woke up early this morning thinking about creating a ritual to get myself into an attractive state to talk with girls at the dog park.  I know the state I want, now I just need to spend a few moments to do MCO, then add in the "I'm killin' it" state.  The good news is that I have set up an automatic subconscious processes to do the MCO and did some "Inner Voice Repurposing" (from ThoughCrimes), so it's close to being automatic.  I suspect that all that's left to do is to create an anchor and trigger that anchor.  Then again, I really want this state to be my default, so I may opt for completely automating it.

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      Eric Paulson

      Was getting ready to do a hypnosis session over Facetime with a friend and thought about creating a ritual to get me into a great state of mind.  I then remembered that in the Renegade Hypnosis seminar, Mark rubs his hands together vigorously and then slap them together with great energy before he does a hypnosis session.  I really like that idea, mixed with some Microcosmic Orbit to get the energy flowing in the first place.

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        I like this concept as well and will borrow it.

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